Broadway Metal Works First Facility - 1933

Broadway Metal Works was founded in 1933 by Mark Showalter, Sr. as a way to fulfill the equipment needs of agri-business in the surrounding area. Focusing first on the poultry industry, the company grew to serve many different companies and industries as it added additional services and expertise. Full service machine shop services including several CNC machines were added over the decades.

Metal roofing was added in the 1950’s to serve both residential and commercial needs. WaterJet Cutting Services were added in the 2000’s to accommodate customer’s requirements.

The second generation of Showalter’s assumed management of the company in the 1960’s with the third generation becoming involved at the beginning of the 21st century. New facilities with modern equipment were built as the need arose.

The company has maintained a philosophy of treating people fairly, customers and employees alike, and offering quality goods and services at a reasonable price. As the business has grown over the years and expanded into different areas of fabrication, it has not lost the core values of quality and customer service.

Broadway Metal Works Facility - Present