NORAC Systems

(Now Rice Lake Weighing Systems)
Broadway Metal Works is an authorized NORAC NTEP-Certified on-board scale system installer and calibrator. Specializing in feed delivery trucks, we can design, install and maintain an on-board weighing system for your truck.

Easy to Use

The Low Profile OnBoard™ Scale System is equipped with automatic hydraulic controls that lift the scale into and out of weighing position in approximately three seconds. The whole process of lifting the scale into weighing position and running the required instrumentation is an easy one-man operation.

Weigh Anywhere

All NORAC’s On-Board Weighing systems can weigh on slopes up to six degrees off-level. Perfectly level ground is not required to get legal-for-trade accurate results.

Bolt On Installation

Installation is quick and easy. NORAC’s Low Profile OnBoard™ Scale systems come complete with all the required hardware and installation instructions. The assemblies simply bolt onto the truck’s existing frame. No modifications to the existing frame are required.  Low Profile Systems are available in two types of assemblies, single and double, as well as three capacity levels. Refer to Table 2 under the Technical Info tab for a breakdown of what systems are required, dependent on the total capacity required.

Conveniently Mounted Display and Printer

The OnBoard™ Control Center is conveniently mounted on the exterior of your transportation frame so that all transactions are easily viewed by the operator. The weatherproof enclosure protects the instrumentation and printer, for years of trouble free use. A legal ticket can be printed for your records.

Patented Weigh System

NORAC's patented weigh system ensures accurate weights in all conditions. The integral hydraulic system ensures the load is completely removed from the load cells during transport. This prevents shock loading damage and guarantees accuracy for many years of use.

Improve Business Accuracy

By adding a Legal-For-Trade scale to your existing delivery or collection system you eliminate the guesswork from charging “by the container” or other volume-types of measurements. Accurately weighing and billing for the materials delivered or collected will improve business efficiency while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Durable Frame Hugging Design

Low overhead clearance is not a concern with NORAC’s frame hugging design. The addition of this scale adds a mere 2 3/8” (60mm) to the overall height of the collection unit. The system is designed to be compact, leaving the truck’s center of gravity unchanged. NORAC’s patented, field proven lift mechanism is able to accommodate hundreds of “lift and lower” cycles each day.


For trucks with standard spring suspension, an on-board scale system is created through straightforward load cell technology and an in-cab digital weight display.

  • Maximize payload potential without the risk of overload
  • Avoid costly fines
  • Optimize equipment performance
  • Improve efficiency, safety and awareness
  • Quick installation in as little as 8-20 man hours per truck
  • Affordable, return your investment in less than one year


Rice Lake Weighing Acquires NORAC Weighing Division

In late 2011, the weighing division of NORAC was purchased by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.
“In a continuing effort to grow market share in their core markets, Rice Lake Weighing Systems announces their purchase of the weighing division of NORAC Systems International, Inc., a Canadian-based manufacturer of weighing equipment primarily for the agriculture and transportation industries.
With this acquisition, Rice Lake takes ownership of NORAC’s weight-related products including its patented livestock scales, legal-for-trade on-board vehicle systems, truck scales and more, and assumes all manufacturing, distribution and service oversight. “NORAC’s products have a solid reputation and will be a nice complement to our current offering,” says Rice Lake vice president, Mark Johnson, Jr.

NORAC Systems International, in business since 1974, has amassed an impressive lineup of quality scale products which they currently distribute worldwide. According to NORAC President, Bill Strelioff, “This was a strategic decision that will enable NORAC to dedicate more resources to managing the considerable growth of our control systems business.” 

This acquisition tops an expanding list of recent tactical developments for Rice Lake Weighing Systems, including the expansion of manufacturing to Nevada, the opening of a European service and distribution center, and a joint venture within India. Mark explains, “In order to continue to grow as a business, we want to invest in opportunities and technologies that fit the needs of our customers. Bringing on NORAC’s weighing division is going to be an important part of achieving our goals as a company.”


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