Waterjet, Laser cutting & Machining

Along with our expertise is fabricating, Broadway Metal Works is your source for Waterjet, Laser cutting and complete machining services.


Our Trumpf Fiber Laser with Automated sheet loading is the latest technology in precise metal cutting. We offer cutting services from: thin gauge sheet metal up to 1" thick mild steel plate, as well as, a variety of thickness capabilities of Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass and Copper. 

A Waterjet is an efficient and precision method to cut materials of many types using the power of high pressure water concentrated at over 60,000 PSI. Our Waterjet table can handle stock up to 5’ x 10’ and up to 6 inches thick. A more detailed explanation of this amazing technology can be found on the Waterjet page, which can be accessed HERE.In addition to our Waterjet cutting services, we house a complete machine shop featuring both manual and CNC controlled lathes and mills. An experienced staff can transform your drawing into a precision machined part or we can reverse engineer your part. One of our specialties is our ability to repair and build drive shafts for agricultural and industry. 

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